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    Authentic Construction

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  • Construction (ICF & Traditional Methods)
  • Facilitation of Non-governmental Organization (NGO) development projects
  • Partnership, design, development and construction of faith-based outreach programmes
  • International relief efforts
  • Project Management

Authentic International Ltd. is a diverse organization engaged in a wide range of activities in different parts of the world. We have, operated, and continue to operate within the following levels of orientation;

  • Charitable
  • Faith-based
  • Participatory
  • Service
  • Empowering

We have incorporated the Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) method of construction in regions affected by catastrophic natural disasters. The earthquake resistant and temperature controlling nature of ICF has been an invaluable benefit in the construction of affordable housing and community structures In Haiti. As well, there is a considerable cost advantage to the preventative measures of utilizing ICF in the construction and/or reconstruction of hotels and homes in countries prone to natural adversity.

NGOs, faith-based, and private organizations have called on the experience and mobility of the Authentic International Ltd. team for both proactive and reactive projects. We always apply our ‘best practices’ methods in regions where there is often no controlling entity of oversight for the suffering and displaced.

At Authentic Construction Ltd Toronto, our ICF installers are just a call away for all of your construction and structural needs in Toronto and the GTA. For more information please visit